Frequently Asked Plumbing Questions

If you want to learn more about how we can help you, take a look at some of the plumbing questions we get from time to time. Please give us a call to speak with our team for any additional information!


Do you specialize in residential or commercial services?
Although we’ve made our name in solving home plumbing emergencies, we have a rich history with commercial plumbing.

What kind of services do you offer?
We handle plumbing emergencies. We also offer a program where we can come out and inspect your plumbing to prevent emergencies from happening in the first place. Our services include everything from simple faucet repairs to kitchen and bath remodels. We can replace baths, kitchen fixtures, and water heaters. If you’re planning a new bath or kitchen, we can help with the design.

I hear my toilet running every 10 minutes. What is the problem?
If your toilet runs on its own, it could be as simple as the flapper not sitting on the flush valve properly. The flapper could be warped and in need of replacement. We have found that with the advent of chloramines (Ammonia & Chlorine) in municipal water systems, flappers, as well as faucet washers, are not lasting as long. Older toilets have a brass flush valve that may be pitted or have scale deposits. This can be fixed with steel wool or abrasive paper. If this doesn’t work, you will have to remove the tank and replace the flush valve. Another cause might be the fill valve malfunctioning or the refill tube might be inserted too deep into the overflow. If you have trouble repairing the toilet, or it is giving you problems, call us.

I hear water running in my home but nothing is on, what can it be?
Check to see if any of your faucets are dripping. If not, then check to see if any of the toilets are running. You may have to put dye in the tank and see if it shows up in the toilet bowl to confirm a leak. Check the safety relief line off the water heater to see if water is dripping from the line. It could be something more serious, such as the water service leaking or an under slab leak. We can help with any of these problems. Just give us a call.

The water in my shower isn’t as hot as the water in the rest of my home. Can this be fixed?
Some single-handle showers have a built-in limit stop under the handle. You can remove the handle and adjust the stop to allow it to move towards the hot side. If it’s a pressure-balanced valve, the balancing spool could have debris in it and not be able to move, throwing the temperature off. It could also be that a single-handle faucet in your home has a bad cartridge, letting the cold water cross over to the hot line. Call us if you need help. We’ll have your shower at just the right temperature in no time.

Can you tell me exactly how much a plumbing job will cost?
Our trained technicians will diagnose the problem in person, so we’ll know exactly what it will take to get the job done and you’ll know exactly what it will cost before we start. It isn’t fair to you when other plumbing companies give you a price over the phone. Until the plumbing technician sees the source of the problem, it is impossible to know what measures should be taken or what options are best for you.

What are the advantages of soft water?
Hard water can be a frustrating nuisance for people in our area. It causes calcification on faucets and fixtures and leaves a “dirty” feeling after washing your hands or taking a shower. Soft water will keep your faucets, fixtures, shower doors, and tiles clean and shiny. It will help your pipes, water heater, and appliances late much longer. With soft water, you will use a lot less soap and detergent. Call Botticelli Plumbing & Heating today and have a water softener installed.

What do I do if my garbage disposer is jammed?
Many models come with a tool attached to the unit. This tool can be inserted into the bottom of the disposer and “cranked,” freeing up the disposer. If it doesn’t have the tool, you can try an Allen wrench. If this method doesn’t work, don’t use the disposer. You may cause serious damage to the disposer motor or even your home’s electrical system. We will fix your jammed disposer. If we can’t, the unit probably needs a replacement. We carry 8 different models.

I have low water pressure in my home. What can be done about it?
There are several things that could cause low water pressure in your home, including a partially-closed or malfunctioning shut-off valve, a crimped line, or deposits that build up in old galvanized piping.
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